Innova | Pisa
Innova is a dynamic international design agency based in Copenhagen (Denmark) that offers a holistic approach to solve complex problems. By putting people at the centre, we use design as a strategic tool to grow your business.
Innova, design, innovation, strategic, Copenhagen, Patton, problems
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How many times have you thought ‘oh no, not again’ when you had to put some shelves on your wall. Just the idea of making another set of holes in the wall is scary… Pisa is here to make life is easier: this smart furniture fits in the corner of your room and gives you 3 large shelves to store your things – all without the need of a single screw – so you can keep the hammer in the drawer!

And, of course, if needed you can always move Pisa around your office or home in a jiffy.

Contact me if you are interested in the project.